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Make 2021 a Healthier – and Happier – New Year!

Scerbo Physical Therapy > Physical Therapy > Make 2021 a Healthier – and Happier – New Year!
By Dr. Frank J. Scerbo PT, DPT, MS, CSCS //

Have you made a New Year’s resolution to improve your overall health and fitness, but not sure where or how to start? We can help! The best time to start working on a healthier you is now, and your Scerbo Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation team is here to help you set and achieve your goals. There is nothing more motivating than success, and at Scerbo PT, your success is ours.

Whatever your wellness goals for 2021, we can help you make a plan to accomplish them. Many people set unrealistic New Year’s goals that quickly become too difficult to stick with. Exercising more, losing weight, and eating healthier are common examples of resolutions that often fall by the wayside because, for most of us, changing old habits and creating new ones is hard. It’s a process, one that begins with setting definite, clear objectives with a realistic timetable.

Our physical therapists will work with you to set meaningful, specific goals and create a plan to help you achieve them. Along the way, we will work closely with you to monitor and encourage your progress and keep you on track. You and your Scerbo physical therapist will work as a team to achieve and maintain your optimum health and well-being.

So, this is our New Year’s resolution: to be your support team for better health and function, whatever your goals, whether you’re an athlete or non-athlete. We want to help you enjoy the New Year armed with the tools to help you prevent and recover from injury, improve strength and flexibility, relieve pain, and increase performance.

As part of establishing your overall better health plan, Scerbo provides a complete spectrum of individualized services and treatment modalities. Just as one example, you might ask us about our Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning Program, using the BIODEX BALANCE SYSTEM SD. For older adults and sports athletes alike, the system helps our therapists identify and measure weaknesses, revealing challenges that patients have to overcome in order to improve their health.

Remember, you don’t have to do it alone – WE ARE OPEN AND READY TO HELP.

As we continue the necessary Covid-19 protocols to keep our patients and staff safe, our Edgewater facility is open and ready to help our North Jersey community. We are committed to your good health in 2021 and we look forward to serving you. Call Scerbo PT today, (201) 941-2240, or contact us at info@scerbopt.com.

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