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Convenient Location

The facility, which features an inspiring view of Manhattan and the Hudson River, is equipped with a full line of state-of-the-art equipment including machines designed by Precor, Nautilus and Vision Fitness.

Top Physical Therapists

Scerbo Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation is a full service orthopedic and sports rehabilitation clinic. The practice employs the latest technology and evidence-based research to help patients achieve their goals.

Hours of Operation

*The last appointment is scheduled one hour before our closing time.

MONDAY7:00AM - 8:30PM
TUESDAY8:00AM - 8:00PM
FRIDAY7:00AM - 5:00PM

Rehabilitation Services

Pre-Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Our pre and post-rehab operative rehab programs will help you reduce the effects of muscle atrophy following surgery.

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Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Individualized treatment programs emphasize therapeutic exercises intending to return patients to their highest level of function.

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Neck & Back Physical Therapy

Our customized neck and back care program aims to increase function, reduce symptoms, and improve a patient’s quality of life.

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Sports Rehabilitation

Our physical therapists and performance specialists help athletes of all ages and abilities return to the sports they love.

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Balance & Conditioning

We use balance testing and weight shift exercises to ensure our patients improve quality of life and safely return to play.

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Neuro Rehabilitation

The program aims to increase function, reduce debilitating symptoms, and improve a patient’s quality of life.

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Our Expertise

Arthroscopic Surgery Rehabilitation

Our Physical therapists will design a treatment based on the individual’s needs, medical condition and type of tear and surgical repair.

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Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

Our extensive knowledge and experience with surgical joint replacement rehabilitation will help you achieve your recovery goals.

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Pain Management

We help patients with chronic pain feels better and improve their quality of life. Our treatments range from massage to join manipulation to dry needling and electrical stimulation.

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To meet with one of our Physical Therapists, fill out the online form below or call us at (201) 941-2240

The Clinic

Scerbo Physical Therapy is a full service Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation clinic, serving all Hudson river areas.

Why Choose Us

Our Physical Therapists are committed to your recovery, we believe in delivering excellence in physical rehabilitation.


The practice is at the forefront of Physical Therapy innovations and strives to exceed the expectations of their patients.

Our Mission

We look to change the face of healthcare by focusing on the patient’s needs first and their individual preferences.

About Us

Our facility features an inspiring view of the Manhattan skyline from New Jersey. Easily accessible to those who work and live in the surrounding areas.
We specialize in adult and pediatric rehabilitation acquired as the result of various conditions including orthopedic and athletic injuries, joint replacement surgery, neurological disorders, and post-cardiac incidents among others.
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Our Dedication

Personalized patient care is what sets us apart. When you visit us you can expect to receive world class care.
Our certified physical therapist and caring clinical staff will provide you with an exceptional rehabilitation experience.
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Our Advantage

The clinic is equipped with a full line of state-of-the-art equipment including machines designed by Precor, Nautalis and Vision Technologies.
Offering cutting-edge techniques in pre and post surgery rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, athletic injury prevention, and custom programs for sports strength, and conditioning.
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The Objective

Our team members are passionate about facilitating new ideas.
We are always developing cutting-edge resources. The staff is dedicated to elevating the long-term goals for all patience's during rehabilitation.
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No Referral or Prescription

Need it Now! you can have your injuries evaluated and treated immediately by our New Jersey licensed Physical Therapist.

Performance Enhancement Training

We provide individual performance enhancement training for both post-surgical and non-surgical patients medically cleared for physical activity and progression.

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

We offer state-of-the-art and research-supported conservative interventions with Blood Flow Restriction Therapy.

Our Physical Therapists

Affiliations & Certifications

Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

If you get a joint replacement – whether shoulder, hip, or knee – you might think your mobility will be history. However, Physical Therapy is a key part of a successful joint replacement surgery – no matter what your age and mobility status.

Our Physical Therapists have extensive knowledge and experience with both pre-surgical and post-surgical joint replacement/arthroplasty will help you achieve your goals.

What Our Patients Say

Dania H.
Dania H.
Felt immediate improvement after just a couple of sessions. Wonderful staff. Always accommodating. All the therapists are great: Kyle, Frank, Frankie, Adrian, everyone does a superb job there.
Les Odorico
Les Odorico
Best physical therapist EVER. Highly recommend.
Brian Wiprud
Brian Wiprud
Professional, personal PT's who help you get better
Mailen G Cruz
Mailen G Cruz
If you are looking for PT this is the right place. They are very professional and helpful.
Donna Matarese
Donna Matarese
The staff is knowledgeable & professional. The facility has state of the art equipment.
bunny mom
bunny mom
Great place. Great and collaborative team. A+++
Mary G.
Mary G.
Scerbo Physical Therapy is the very best rehabilitation center you will find. My care following a knee implant was primarily with Frank and he is the ultimate professional. He is extremely skilled, cares about and listens carefully to his clients. I also can’t say enough good things about the other PTs and the support staff, especially Jasmine. It’s a real team effort! My recovery was very good and I am thankful for the part they played.
Nancy Marshall
Nancy Marshall
The team is super smart about fixing what’s wrong, and very friendly and easy to work with. I cannot recommend them enough.
Gloria De Rodriguez
Gloria De Rodriguez
Staff is knowledgeable, professional and friendly

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