WebPT Physical Therapy Telehealth

Now with WebPT, you can visit your Scerbo physical therapist without going to the clinic.

WebPT allows us to help you stay on track with your therapy in a virtual environment, via phone, computer, or another web-enabled device. While in-person therapy is always the preferred method, sometimes you may find it beneficial to see us virtually, and with Better WebPT you can visit your Scerbo physical therapists from the convenience of your own home without having to travel to our facility.

In a telehealth video session, Scerbo physical therapists can provide patients with strengthening, flexibility, balance, and mobility exercises to help relieve cumulative stress injuries (for example, neck and back pain from sitting at your home computer). They may quickly diagnose, treat and prevent sports-related injuries, acute injuries such as sprains and strains, and chronic conditions such as lower back pain. If you have had any kind of orthopedic surgery, you can get started on or continue the physical therapy that is so essential to recovery.

If you are working out at home, we can help with any questions you may have or we could design a home program specific to your needs.

Contact us to book your WebPT Physical Therapy Telehealth visit.

We promised to take care… and delivered

And Our Patients Agree

  • Dr. Scerbo's support staff was professional and knowledgeable and other physical therapists working with Dr. Scerbo appeared to be very competent. Plaudits to Scerbo Physical Therapy!

    Harvey Berkey Patient
  • All in all, who would think that physical therapy could be a great experience? It was at Scerbo.

    Natalie Robbins Patient
  • Approaching my second hip replacement, I am not dreading my rehab. If this seems like an over-the-top endorsement, it is. Because it's all true. Patients leave Scerbo Physical Therapy with a big smile. Oh, and less pain.

    Patricia N. Emmy Award winning writer Mary Tyler Moore Show, Lily Tomlin, Rhoda etc.
  • Overall, this is a PT place I recommended to friends and family members if they needed physical therapy and none have been disappointed with their treatment. To me this is exceptional care combined with truly empathetic and wonderful people.

    Nancy Flogaites Patient
  • They made me feel like a friend, not a patient. They were gentle and understanding when the therapy was painful. I have the highest regard and deepest respect for Dr. Frank Scerbo and his team. They did for me what no medication could accomplish. Their professionalism and caring were the perfect prescription to ease the pain and speed my total recovery. I'm forever grateful.

    Marvin Scott WPIX Correspondent/Anchor; 7 time Emmy Winner
  • It's the only Rehab I would recommend! The office is Cheerful, Friendly, and provides a beautiful View of the New York Skyline on the Hudson... What more can you ask for?

    Francine K. Patient
  • I highly recommend everyone from Scerbo PT all the way from the front desk office administrators down to the PT aides.

    Andrew Collins Fair Lawn, NJ
  • With a blink of an eye, we would recommend Dr. Frank to anyone who needs physical therapy. We’re glad we got this opportunity to express our gratitude to him.

    Yasmin and Cyrus Pavri Edgewater, NJ
  • Dr. Scerbo gave me my life back. I would recommend him to anyone needing physical therapy!

    Jerry S. Edgewater, NJ