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Neurological Disorders Rehabilitation

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What are Neurological Disorders?

Neurological disorders are conditions that affect the nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. They include: stroke, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, cerebral/bell’s palsy, Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s disease, and traumatic brain injury.

Our physical therapists are expert caring clinicians dedicated to improving patient outcomes through comprehensive care. We use best practices and innovative techniques to provide individualized treatment for patients with high-level Neurological Disorders. Our program offers several treatments and techniques to address various symptoms associated with neurological impairments. Treatment may include:

  • Exercises like stretch, strengthen, and flexibility
  • Fall Prevention: Balance, and Gait Training
  • Visual Perceptual Skills Training
  • Postural Realignment
  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Motor Control and Reduce Spasticity Techniques
  • Core Stabilization
  • Motor Planning and Motor Control

Our High-Level Neurological Disorders Program

How it Works

The Neurological Rehabilitation Program starts with an initial evaluation to review the patient’s health history followed by a physical exam. During this exam, the physical therapist assesses the patient’s coordination, range of motion, muscle tone, and strength.

A Customized Plan

We developed individualized plans and one-on-one treatments designed for each patient’s unique conditions and goals. Our clinical staff would check to see if the patient is experiencing changes in attention, sensation, and cognition. Your physical therapists also evaluates the patient’s gate and balance, and their ability to transfer from sitting to standing and other routine transitions.

Improving the Outcome

Often physical therapy is prescribed by your Neurologist after a life changing neurological event because of the difference it can make in a patient’s recovery. The fact is physical therapy has being prove to improve balance and stability while lowering the fall rate among those with neurological disorders.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

According to the American Neurological Association (ANA), patients with Neurological Disorders benefit of regular exercise not only physically but also for mental health, which is beneficial for patients at risk of anxiety and depression due to chronic illness.

If you are experiencing neurological symptoms that are impacting your life, physical therapy may be the key to regaining some of your independence and feeling more like yourself. Contact us to scheduled a physical assessment with one of our expert physical therapists.

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