Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Now at Scerbo: Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

We are now offering state-of-the-art and research-supported conservative interventions with Blood Flow Restriction Therapy (BFR) with the Delfi Personalized Tourniquet system by Owens Recovery Science.

What is BFR?

Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR), sometimes called Tourniquet or Occlusion training, is a safe and effective method that helps physical therapy patients build muscle strength and reduce pain while putting less stress on the injured or weakened limb.

The goal of Blood Flow Restriction Therapy enables patients to make greater strength gains while lifting lighter loads, thereby reducing the overall stress placed on the limb.

During BFR therapy, a patient is fitted with a specially designed tourniquet that partially restricts venous blood flow but allows arterial blood flow to the extremity. This produces a systemic response by which the body channels energy to the larger muscle fibers. The patient receives the benefits of heavy lifting without the unnecessary and potentially dangerous stress to tissues that may be healing from a recent injury or surgery.

Additional physiological responses to blood flow restriction include:

• Increased anabolic growth factors
• Fast-twitch fiber recruitment
• Muscle fiber synthesis
• Heat shock proteins
• Nitric oxide synthase
• Decreased expression of myostatin

The most established benefit is adaptations in muscle quantity and quality. According to research, BFR can minimize loss of muscle mass, decrease bone healing time, and allow patients to improve both muscle size and strength.

People of various ages and fitness levels can benefit from BFR therapy. It can be performed as part of a regular fitness routine, or to treat patients in the acute phase of rehabilitation following upper or lower extremity surgeries, including ACL reconstruction, meniscectomy, hip/knee replacement, rotator cuff, and tendon repair. BFR is particularly suited for patients with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteopenia, or osteoporosis.

BFR has rapidly become a standard of practice across clinics, health care systems, and professional and collegiate sports. The personalized BFR system is manufactured by Delfi Medical Innovations, Inc, a world leader in tourniquet technology and safety. device is specifically designed to safely regulate and control tourniquet pressure.

It is very important to be screened by a professional healthcare specialist. At Scerbo PT, you will be in the hands of a licensed therapist who is trained and experienced in using the BFR method, if appropriate, to safely meet your individual needs.

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