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7 ways to keep your back strong

FoxNews.com Screen

Julie Revelant's exclusive interview with Jennifer T. Gentile, PT, DPT.

FoxNews.com Picking up your baby or toddler, lifting him or her in and out of the crib or car seat, and multitasking with your baby firmly planted on your hip can put some serious strain on your back. Yet the problem actually starts in pregnancy, as the weight of your baby forces your stomach to pull forward, which in turn causes compression in the spine. Plus, your ligaments and joints are looser and your abdominals weaker. “The whole system just sets you up for back pain,” said Jennifer T. Gentile, physical therapist at Columbia Orthopaedics Sports Therapy, and Scerbo Physical Therapy. And after giving birth, your posture doesn’t automatically bounce back. “When you pick up the baby, you tend to go right back into that posture.”
Story Published on January 20, 2013

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