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Golf: Not Just for “The Other Half”

on Thursday, 07 September 2017. Posted in Therapy, Safety Practices, News

New venue makes it casual, accessible and fun

Golf: Not Just for “The Other Half”
General rule for stretching is dynamic stretching, before and after exercise.

When it comes to sports injuries, experience matters


By Dr. Michael E. Pomykala, PT, DPT,

As a lifelong athlete and fitness enthusiast, I love to play golf – and as a doctor of physical therapy with Titlelist Performance Institute Certification, I recommend the game for anyone who wants to improve their fitness, reduce stress and have fun.

But I find that many people are reluctant to give this great sport a try. Some still associate golf with high-priced country clubs and assume the whole scene will be too expensive and proper. Others believe the game must be too inconvenient and time-consuming for anyone but retirees to learn.

That really isn’t the case. There are numerous municipal golf courses throughout New Jersey; that are open to the public, with plenty of tee times, reasonable green fees and rental equipment available. For instance, Monmouth County, where I golf, has six courses that are open to the public, located in Wall, Millstone Township, Colts Neck, Farmingdale, Manalapan and Neptune. Yet those old misconceptions persist, and people are still intimidated.

That’s why I was excited to test out Topgolf Edison recently. It’s a new venue that dispels those old myths, removes the intimidation factor and makes golf accessible, entertaining and fun for players of all levels, from serious golfers, to those who just like going to the driving range for some casual practice, right down to total beginners.

Groups of one to six players can rent a bay by the hour, and use the provided clubs to hit microchipped golf balls into giant targets to score points. Hourly rates range from $30-$50 per bay – not per player. So when splitting a bay with friends, an individual player might pay as little as $5 per hour. Food and drink service is available the whole time, and the bays are even climate-controlled.

All this adds up to a fun, social experience that really just removes the barriers to entry and makes the game available to everyone, whether you want to take the kids on a weekend morning, or play a quick round after work, complete with dinner and drinks. You can even take lessons there with a PGA pro.

In short, I’m a big fan of anything that encourages more people to try out this enjoyable sport, so I recommend giving Topgolf a try. But as a PT, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include a reminder to limber up before you let the good times roll. The golf swing is such a dynamic movement – from the neck down to the ankle, every joint plays a role. The right warm-up can help prevent common golf injuries such as lower back pain, meniscus (knee) injuries, or hip injuries like muscular imbalance, labral injury or arthritis.

I’d rather see you at Topgolf or on the course than in my office. So I’ll leave you with this: Here are five simple moves I recommend to loosen up muscles and avoid putting stress on the joints.

Arm circles
Roll the arms forward and back, in small circles and in big circles. 

Knee raises
Stand on one leg, raise your knee to your chest, and hold. Repeat on the other side.

Neck rotation
Turn the head left, right, up and down.

Trunk rotation
Gently twist the waist left and right.

Forward trunk bend
Bend at the waist to stretch the back and hamstring muscles.

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